3 Times in 1 Verse Jesus Said “I am God”


Muslims always tried to find in the bible where Jesus himself says “I am God.” So I will show you one verse where Jesus himself says “I am God”, not only once but three times in one verse. And your Quran itself affirmed this claim that Jesus is God.

There are 99 names of Allah in the Quran. The Quran was originally written in Arabic language. If you want to know what those names are, read the Quran. It is strictly prohibited and it is a shirk if anyone claimed these divine names for themselves. For example, Allah is the name of the Islamic God, whose meaning in English is “the greatest name”. When we say “Al-Khaliq”, its meaning in English is “the creator”. No mortal man or angel nor anyone in the entire universe can claim this name for himself. Not even Mohammed can claim these names for himself. So the normal logic is: If anyone claims this name Allah or Al-Khaliq is considered to be claiming himself as God.

I used this name in Arabic language because Muslims love to know the truth in Arabic. That’s why whenever we show any contradictions in their Quran in any other language, they always say read Quran in Arabic language where you will not find a single contradiction in it because Arabic is the perfect language to understand Allah’s word. So if there are any truth seeker Muslims who really want to know who is the true God, who is true living Creator God, listen to the voice of Lord God who is telling you in Gospel of John 14:6. Jesus himself is saying three times that “I am God”. Jesus is giving an introduction about himself by using the three names of Allah in one sentence: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Translate or read this in Arabic and Jesus is saying “I am Al Hadi, which means “the way”, “I am Al Haqq”, which means “the truth”, and “I am Al-Hayy”, which means “the life”. If you claim that Jesus was just a messenger of Allah and a Muslim, then why is he claiming these divine names for himself, which we could logically conclude that Jesus is claiming divinity and also saying “I am God”. 

Jesus is calling you my truth seeker Muslims in your language. Jesus is also called “Shepherd” in the Bible and we humans are his sheep. So, lost sheep of Jesus, listen to the voice of the Shepherd. The lost sheeps human will listen to the voice of the true Living Shepherd and the Shepherd is calling you in John 14:6 that “I am the way, the truth and the life. I am Al Hadi, I am Al Haqq and I am Al Heyy.” Come back home, come back to Jesus, the Living God.