Another Intelligent Atheist Changes His Mind

So you’re an atheist?

Yes sir.

Why? You seem like a very intelligent guy. You’re reading a very thick book over there and so you obviously think about things. What would make you an atheist?

Well not there’s a lot of different things but I think probably one of the biggest things is: I don’t like how the world is today at all and because of that I believe that a God wouldn’t let his world end up like this so therefore he is either evil or impotent or doesn’t exist.

I think there’s anything else, any other alternative? 


You’re on a plane and you’re looking at how wonderfully the plane is made. It’s one of those state-of-the-art, just come out, it’s got Wi-Fi, it’s got everyone’s got their own computer TV, you say “Boy, Boeing did a great job of this plane” and suddenly it goes into a freefall like a mile freefall, people are screaming, they’re hitting the roof, there’s blood everywhere, people die and you look at the horror scene in front of you and say “This is terrible. Nobody made this plane”. That’s illogical. It’s better to say something went wrong rather than nobody made the plane. To say this world is horrible therefore there’s no God is a very strange leap to make. It’s really illogical so atheists are someone who believes the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything, not that it was made from nothing but the nothing itself was the primary source that created everything. 

What Christians say is the genius of the hand of God could be seen in dogs and in the blueness of the sky and in fruits and birds, the human eye, butterflies, trees. All these things are signs of his genius because we don’t know how to make a grain of sand from nothing and one of the reasons we deny the existence of God is the same reason a thief doesn’t want to find a policeman because of his guilt and we know that when we think of God, we think of moral responsibility and guilt and doing things wrong and it makes us feel uncomfortable. Does that make sense?

Yeah. It makes a little sense.

Yeah we’re gonna move away from your intellect to your conscience just for a minute okay? So hang in there with me. Do you think you’re a good person?


So you’ve lied and stolen?

That I have before yeah yeah.

Use God’s name in vain?

Yes I have.

Jesus said if you look at a woman and lust for her you commit adultery with her in your heart. Have you ever done that?



looked at pornography in your life yes?

It’s looking with lust so Alex I’m not judging you but by your own admission you’ve told me that you’re a lying thief, a blasphemer and an adulterer at heart. And that’s only four of the Ten Commandments. If God judges you by those commandments on Judgment Day you got to be innocent or guilty? 


Heaven or hell? 


Now does that concern you? I think before you answer cuz I’m gonna I’m gonna ask you why. Does it concern you that if you die today you end up in hell?

Yes it does.

Biblical Christianity says there’s nothing you can do to save yourself. It’s all God’s mercies, the mercy of the judge. 2,000 years ago God became a human being Jesus of Nazareth who suffered and died on the cross to take the punishment for the sin of the world. The Bible says he was bruised for our iniquities. When he was on a cross he was paying the fine for the law that you and I broke. We broke the moral law, the Ten Commandments. Jesus paid the fine on the cross. He cried out “it is finished.”. In other words, the debt has been paid. If you’re in court, even though you’re guilty if someone pays the fine, the judge can let you go you can say “Alex is guilty but someone’s paid us fine. He’s out of here.” Well God can commute your death sentence, he can let you go, he can dismiss your court case because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Please think about this Alex. You know, think about this. It’s where you’re going to spend eternity and don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Don’t say oh yeah there’s all this hypocrisy and terrible things in the world therefore I’m not getting right with God. No, call upon the name of the Lord. Trust in Jesus and you’ve got God’s promise you’ll pass from death to life. Does it make sense what I’m saying?

Yes sir.

Have you ever had an argument with your wife and it’s like there’s a wall between the two oceans. Okay you lose that sort of friendship and intimacy and one of you says “Honey, I’m so sorry” and and she says “So am I” and suddenly there’s reconciliation because there’s genuine sorrow. Well there’s a barrier between you and your God, the one that gave you life and if you come to him in contrition and say “God, I’m really sorry for my lusting and using your name as a curse word, of lying and stealing. God please forgive me”, that immediately gets the ear of God and because of what Jesus did on the cross you can have a reconciliation with the God that gave you life. You can come to know him. So the Bible says today if you hear his voice don’t harden your heart so I know you’re gonna think about what we talked about today.

Oh oh yes sir I think about religion all the time and if there is a God and the God that you believe in or anybody believes in, I think about that stuff a lot.

I believe that God’s hand is upon you. I prayed for you before we met and I believe that God wants you today to get right with him. Would you be embarrassed if I prayed with you?

That’s fine.