Bible Prophecy Fulfilled In Our Time

Despite what the naysayers may claim, we  are living in biblically prophetic times. Indisputable and irrefutable evidence is  before our eyes if one cares to see it. Specific prophecies about the end times  that were written over 2,000 years ago  have now come to pass and/or are coming  to pass in our historical lifetime. And  we are the only historical generation in  the entirety of human history to see  these exacting prophecies being  fulfilled. There are four distinct  prophecies to which I am referring. Consider each of them with me.

After  almost two thousand years of dispersion  throughout the world, the nation of  Israel has finally been reestablished. Never before in the entirety of history  has a nation been destroyed and the  remnants of that nation scattered around  the world. The nation of Israel lost  their government, military, economic and  trade systems, language distinctions,  cultural distinctions and their  sovereign borders. The amazing thing  about this occurrence is that the Bible  prophesied that this particular  dispersion would happen long before the  fall did happen. And furthermore, the  Bible prophesied that Israel would  return to the land to become a mighty  nation again in the last days. In 1948,  the world saw this prophecy come to pass. We are the only historical generation in  well over 2,000 years to see this  amazing endtime prophecy unfold. Now we  watch stories about Israel and the  world’s hatred for her every day.

Secondly, in relation to this prophecy,  there are also prophecies in the Old  Testament clearly outlining an  alignment of certain nations that would  ally themselves together for the expressed  purpose of attacking the restored last-days Israel. These prophecies, over 2500  years old, predicted that these nations  would be enraged at Israel and would  seek her total annihilation in the last  days. Who are these biblically mentioned  nations?  Their modern names are Iran, Iraq, Russia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya,  parts of Sudan and Saudi Arabia. Does any  of this sound familiar? We are the first  and the only historical generation to  see this prophecy being fulfilled. Egypt  has now fallen into the hands of the  Muslim Brotherhood, deep and mortal  enemies of Israel. Libya will be next. We  are living the prophecies. They are  happening before our very eyes.

Thirdly,  Daniel chapters 9 through 12 hold some  interesting keys to the understanding of  the timing of the Lord’s return. In about  550 BC, Daniel prophesied the time of the  Messiah’s first and second coming. And it  has been demonstrated time and time  again how Daniel’s prophecy was  accurately and pinpoint fulfilled at  Jesus’ first coming. The angel Gabriel  who gave Daniel the information about  the Messiah’s second coming said that the  understanding of the timing of the  second coming was sealed until the time  of the end. In other words, it could not  be understood until this special period  of history in which we are living. But in  addition to other clues, Gabriel gave two  conditions that would prevail at the  time of the end. Travel and knowledge or  information would be vastly increased, according to Daniel’s prophecy. Interestingly, the Hebrew word for  “running to and fro” literally means “to  travel great distances”. The Hebrew word  for “knowledge” means not only knowledge  but “information and the clever  dissemination of that knowledge”. The  Hebrew word for “increase” literally means  “an abundant, surprising increase or  addition”. So a more modern rendition of  this prophecy could then be stated  something like this: In the very last  days, man’s ability to travel and  traverse the earth will explode with  technology. Information systems and  information dispersion increase  like the world has never known.

Out of  the 10,000 years of human  existence, for 9,900 of those years, man has  walked, ridden beasts or built carts and  wagons pulled by beasts. Only in the last  100 years or so did man go from animal  travel to mechanical and mass  transportation systems. Only in the last  60 years or so has man traveled into  space. Practically everyone on the globe  now has access to world travel for the  first time in human history and only in  our lifetime. But that is only the first  half of the prophecy. 

Education and  knowledge have also exploded in the 20th  century. From the time of Christ until  1900, it is estimated that man’s  knowledge has doubled. In just the next  50 years from 1900 to the late 1940s, it  reportedly doubled again. Then man’s  knowledge began an extremely rapid  doubling, first every 7 years, then every  2 years beginning in the 1960s. It  appears that the late 1940s or the early  1950s marked the time in history when  knowledge and education and information  vastly increased and literally began  exploding. This explosion of knowledge  just happens to correspond exactly to  the rebirth of Israel in 1948.

The  fourth amazing endtime prophecy that we  are now living is from the mouth of  Jesus himself. “And this gospel of the  kingdom shall be preached in all the  world for a witness unto all nations and  then the end will come.” (Matt 24:14) When Jesus spoke  these words, the gospel was not yet  completed. He had not yet gone to the  cross. There was no empty tomb, the Holy Spirit had not been given, the church had  not been born, the whole world had not  been discovered yet, and the technology  to take the gospel to the world had not  been invented. But he spoke the words as  an endtime prophecy and now it is  happening. Again  we are the only generation that has ever  lived that is witnessing the gospel  being preached to the entire world by  information technologies invented only  in the last 20 years. Now is the time of the end according to  Jesus himself. 

What I’m going to say next  is very important. When the Bible speaks of the time of the end, it is speaking of  man’s time of wicked corruption and  deceitful ruling and reigning being over  or ended. And it is speaking of the  beginning of the time of Jesus’ reign  of righteousness and holiness, perfection  and a restored paradise. So for the  born-again believer, the soon-coming time  of the end or the last days of man’s  wicked rule is something that we should  look forward to, something we should pray  for, something that should encourage us. If you do not know Jesus Christ as Lord  and Savior, we implore you to call upon him  today for salvation.