Does God Predestine People to Hell?

We often talk about predestination in terms of believers being predestined  to be with Jesus. If you believe in that,  do you also believe that God predestined  certain people to hell and what would be  called “double predestination”. If you’re a  Calvinist, you might say that we are  all damned to hell because of our sin  and that God in His mercy predestined  some to heaven and passed over the rest. But in reality, since he could have  predestined anyone he wanted to heaven,  by passing over the rest, that would  basically mean he predestined them to  hell. Someone said “That’s what the Bible says. God  predestined some to heaven and he predestined  others to hell, into condemnation. For  example, 2 Peter 2:3 “And in their greed (speaking of these false teachers)  they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not  idle and their destruction is not asleep.” Some would point to verses like this and  say “their condemnation was written  about long before” or point to verses  like Proverbs 16:4 that “God works  everything for his purpose, even the wicked for a day of disaster” that  it’s all planned out in advance.

As I  understand the scriptures, God does not  predestined people to hell. He comes with  the free offer of the gospel to every  human being and that since Jesus has  been crucified (John 12:32), he is drawing  all people to himself. And that the many  different ways that that the Bible  expresses: Jesus dying for the world,  Jesus dying for everyone, Jesus tasting  death for everyone,  Jesus being the propitiation not just  for our sins but the sins of the whole  world, God taking no pleasure in the  death of the wicked but rather wanting  that wicked person to repent and live. I  believe God opens the door through the  gospel that Jesus dies to make salvation  possible for all and he infallibly  secures the salvation of  all who put their trust in him. When  the Scriptures speak of the written  condemnation, the connotation being  written in advance, yes those who reject  him,  those who walk in wickedness, those who  turn away, he has a fate already planned  out for him, he has a destiny already  planned out.

There are two categories:  those who will be with him and his son  forever and those who will be destroyed and  separated from him forever. It’s all laid out, it’s all written  out, that’s all predetermined. The  question is: Will you respond to the  gospel? If you respond to the gospel, you  will find yourself to be those chosen in  the Messiah from before the foundation  of the world. We’d agree, Calvinist and Arminian alike,  ultimately when we speak to someone we  tell them “Decide, choose. You’re gonna  have to give account to God but does he  predestine them to hell, give them no  choice? No.