How a Free Bible Changed Craig’s Life — YouVersion

When I was in college, my life fell apart and I hit rock bottom. Battling with depression and didn’t like who I was becoming. And I didn’t know where to turn. And thankfully, one day when I was walking to class, a gentleman, a guy I’d never met, in a suit and tie reached out to me and said, “Hey, young man, would you like a Bible?” And he gave me this little free green, New Testament Bible. And at the time I thought, why do I need the Bible? Because I knew a little bit about the Bible. And I thought the Bible is outdated. I didn’t think the Bible really applied to my life. But when I started to read scripture, it’s impossible to describe what God did in my life. I was completely changed. The hurts of my past were healed and I became completely new. And that’s why it’s so humbling today to be a part of the church that was honored to start along with partners from around the world, the YouVersion Bible app. In the same way, my life was changed by a free Bible, now we’re enabled to give away this Bible digitally to people all around the world. And this is where you come in. What I know about you is that God has put people in your life, people that you love, people that you care about, people that trust you who need the same hope that I needed, who need the same healing that I needed. And we know the healing comes through Jesus, the living word. And so I would encourage you just to look around and ask yourself, who do you know that needs encouragement. Who do you know whose life could be changed by scripture? Because we have the YouVersion Bible app. We can give it away to anybody anywhere, anytime. And who knows? God might put someone on your heart and their life might be changed because this word is alive.