How could Jesus die if he was God?

Question: If Jesus is God himself, with Jesus dying, wouldn’t Jesus dying nullify the attributes of God?

Answer: No, because his human nature died, not his divine nature. The Trinity is three persons in one nature. You have one divine nature in this triangle and three corners in the triangle. You have Father, Son and Holy Spirit in one divine nature. The Son Jesus also has a human nature. These two natures don’t intermingle so when Jesus died, God didn’t die. This human nature is perfect and so when he lives a perfect life in our place and takes punishment, he’s not suffering punishment for his sins (he didn’t have any), he’s suffering punishment for our sins. And so when we trust in him, we can be saved.

God is one “what” but he has three “whos”, whereas Jesus is one “who” with two “whats”. Whenever you’re asking a question about “who 2” (i.e. Jesus), you got to ask which “what” are you talking about? You’re talking about “what 1” or “what 2”? People will say “how could Jesus be God and not know when he was coming back?” Did Jesus know when he was coming back as God? Yes. Did he know when he’s coming back as man? No. Did Jesus get hungry? As God, no, as man yes. Did Jesus die? As God, no, as man, yes. Jesus has two natures and those two natures answer a lot of the problems that people often have with the Trinity. If you understand he has two natures, then those questions make more sense.

Question: When you’re saying that there is a human side and a divine sign of Jesus, was God always a human or did he become human? 

Answer: No, he added humanity to his deity but that addition did not intermingle with his divine nature. 

Question: Wouldn’t that mean that God at one point in time was lacking something? 

Answer: No, because he’s perfect, he doesn’t lack anything. He just didn’t have a human nature prior to Jesus becoming flesh. Jesus didn’t exist as a human; he existed as the second person of the Trinity but he didn’t exist as a human.