How to be a witness for Christ? – Billy Graham

The Christian is to witness for Christ. You witness by the way you live smile, the courtesy, the thoughtfulness, the graciousness. If you live a changed life, in which Christ is living in you and radiating out through you, other people will be attracted to you and they’ll say “What’s your secret?” You say “I know Jesus Christ” and you have an opportunity to witness for Christ. Witness in the home, put this in your daily work. We are not to be slothful in business but servants in spirit, serving the Lord. We are to witness by the way we perform our work. We are to work faithfully as unto the Lord. You don’t just work just for the employer, you don’t work just for the union to make them happy, you work for the Lord. If you’re an employee, you work for Christ. He’s the one that you’re responsible to if you’re a Christian. The Bible says that Christians are pilgrims here. We’re ambassadors for Christ. The Bible says we are a peculiar people, set apart unto Christ. And we have to be shining witnesses in a perverse and wicked generation. All around we see lying and hypocrisy and dishonesty and lust. And we see worldliness on every side, men taken up with materialism. Give your life to Jesus Christ and let him live in you and be a shining witness for Christ. Become salt in your community. Become a light in your community. Let the people know where you stand for Christ. Lead a clean and honest and pure and wholesome life. I will ask you tonight. Are you a Christian? Are you living that kind of a life? I’m not asking “Do you have Christian influence?” I’m not asking “Are you a member of a certain church?” I’m asking you tonight “Do you have an encounter with Christ? Has this change taken place in your life? Have you accepted the challenge of following Christ? Are you living a faithful life under him?” If not, you can start tonight, right now. You can say “Lord, I give you my life.”