If God already knows the future, how can we have free will?

I have a question about freewill. If God knows everything, then God already knows who’s going to hell and who’s going to heaven before he created the universe, before he created Adam. How could we all have free will if everything is already determined.

Suppose you like NFL football so you have Direct TV so you can watch all the games on Sunday. One Sunday, you’re away from the TV but you record the games that you want to watch later. Let’s suppose you’re coming home that night and your friend texts you all the scores and you didn’t want to know the scores but you know them now. And so you get home and you elect to watch one of the games but you already know what the score is going to turn out to be. Does that mean the players on the field don’t have free will because you know the outcome? They are still freely doing what they’re doing on the field. God is outside of time so from his perspective, everything has already happened, even though it hasn’t on our perspective because we’re in time. He’s outside of time so God knows the end from the beginning. That’s how he can do prophecy. Obviously he’s all-knowing as well. Just because it’s already happened in his mind doesn’t mean that he’s causing us to do it directly. We still have free will when God created you. If you’re a believer, he knew you would be a believer. When God created Richard Dawkins, he knew Richard Dawkins would be an atheist. But you freely choose to be a believer and Richard Dawkins freely chose to be an atheist and so God is just. Just because he knows what’s going to happen doesn’t mean that we don’t have free will.