If Jesus is God why does he pray to God?

If  Jesus is God, who is he praying to? Remember I said that arevTrinitarians.  Trinitarians means although God is one,  he’s not a single person. We believe the  Father, the Son, Holy Spirit are eternally  distinct persons who speak and  communicate with one another and yet  exist as one God. God doesn’t exist like  us. You and I both agree, according to  your own Quran Surah 42:11-12 and Surah 112:4, the Quran says there’s  nothing comparable to Allah or God,  nothing like God in creation. The triune  God is unlike anything in creation  because there’s nothing in creation  that’s one being and three persons. So  God’s existence is beyond ours. He’s one  God but Father, Son, Holy Spirit because  they’re distinct persons. They  communicate with one another or as you  said “Jesus prays to the Father.” He’s not  the father, he’s praying to the father.

Because we don’t believe Jesus is the  father, but Jesus is the son of the  father and Father, Son and Holy Spirit  together exist as one God, they can  communicate with one another. And Jesus  on earth, as a man, can pray to the Father. So he’s praying to the father and the  father speaks to the son. I can  understand it as a Trinitarian, as a  Christian who believes one God, three  persons, who communicate with one other.

Since you believe Allah is not triune, Allah is not father, son, Holy Spirit, Allah is  a singular person, who  does your God pray to when he prays for  individuals such as your prophet? Surah 33:56 Unfortunately in  your translation, if you’re reading the  English translation, the translator will  not translate what the Arabic words mean  but you know Arabic and if your mother’s  listening she knows Arabic, she will confirm this to you. Any Muslims is gonna be able to  tell you what the word means. Surah 33:56 says “Verily Allah and his angels pray (Arabic “yusalloona”) for the Prophet. O true  believers do you also pray for him and  salute him with a respectful salutation?” It  says Allah with the angels pray. They’re  praying for your prophet. Surah 33:43 says “it is he who prays (Arabic “yusallee”) for you and his  angels. Surah 2:157 says  this “salawatu” or the “prayers” of Allah  and his mercy be on you.