In what language was the bible first  written? Let’s find out. The first human author to  write down the biblical record was Moses. He was commanded by God to take on this  task. Exodus 34 27 records God’s words to  Moses “Write down these words, for in accordance  with these words I have made a covenant  with you and with Israel.” And what language did he use? He wrote in  his native language  called Hebrew. During the thousand years  of its composition,  almost the entire Old Testament was  written in Hebrew  but a few chapters in the prophecies of  Ezra and Daniel and one verse in  Jeremiah were written in a language  called Aramaic. This language became very popular in the  ancient world and  actually displaced many other languages. Aramaic even became the common language  spoken in Israel in Jesus’ time  and it was likely the language he spoke  day by day. Some Aramaic words were even used by the  gospel writers in the New Testament.

The New Testament however was written in  Greek. This seems strange since you might think  it would be either Hebrew or Aramaic. However Greek was the language of  scholarship during the years of the  composition of the New Testament from 50  to 100  AD. The fact is that many Jews could not  even read Hebrew anymore  and this disturbed the Jewish leaders a  lot. So  around 300 BC, a translation of the Old  Testament from Hebrew into Greek was  undertaken  and it was completed around 200 BC. Gradually this Greek translation of the  Old Testament  called the Septuagint was widely  accepted and was even used in many  synagogues. It also became a wonderful missionary  tool for the early  christians for now the Greeks could read  God’s word in their own tongue.