Is Christianity Religion or Relationship? 

“The Lord is my Shepherd” David said.  I don’t want us just to think about a God way off in the sky somewhere but he wants to have a personal intimate relationship with us. The difference between religion and relationship is: Religion always looks for God somewhere and tries to get to God through works and effort and some certain kind of behavior. “Are you a Christian?” “Well, I go to church.” “That’s not what I ask you. That doesn’t make you a Christian.” I can sit in my garage for a year and that’ll never make me a car. Just because you sit in church, that doesn’t make you a Christian. A Christian is not even necessarily someone that does good works. Yes, we as Christians should do good works but doing good works doesn’t prove to anybody that I’m a Christian. The thing that makes us a Christian is that we have received Jesus Christ into our heart to be our Lord, to be our Savior. We believe that he is the son of God, God himself who took our sin upon himself, who took our punishment, who died in our place, who rose from the dead, is seated at the right hand of God the father. As we receive him, he comes to be intimate and personal to live inside of us to help us with everything.