Is Jesus the only way to God?

Jesus said a very unpopular thing in John 14. He said, “I’m the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.” Now anyone can make a claim like that but only Jesus has demonstrated by rising from the dead that he’s a unique son of God. And so he has special credibility when he makes that claim. Well does that mean the Christians are narrow-minded when they believe him? No, absolutely not. Look at it this way. I was flying from Chicago to California the other day and as we were coming in for a landing the pilot could have chosen to put the plane down in a neighborhood or in the ocean around a mountainside but instead he chose a single strip of concrete. Was he being narrow-minded? Know why? Because the reality was that this was the only path to life and when people put their faith in Jesus as being the only path to eternal life they’re merely responding to the reality that someone has got to pay the penalty for our obvious wrongdoing that keeps us away from God and Jesus by virtue of his sinlessness and his divinity is the only one qualified to be our substitute. That’s just the reality of the situation. Well some people say well Christians are arrogant for believing that. I think the opposite is true. Let’s pretend there are two clubs. The first one says only people can come in if they have earned their membership. To get in you have to obtain superior wisdom or fulfill a long list of demands or achieve a certain level of spirituality. Despite their best efforts, lots of people are just not going to make the grade. They’re going to be excluded. That is what every other religion teaches. You must try to do something to earn your way to God. The second club says, “No. Anyone who wants to come in can come in because Jesus has already paid for your membership regardless of your ethnic heritage or where you live. The doors are wide open. Entry isn’t based on your qualifications. It’s based only on accepting Christ’s generous invitation but the matter is left to you you decide.”