Is there any proof for miracles outside the Bible?

You’d be surprised how much proof there is for the miraculous from sources outside of the Bible. For example, in the Jewish rabbinical traditions, in the track tape from the Mishnah which is part of the Talmud, in fact the reference of Sanhedrin 43a, there is a reference to Jesus’ arrest notice. It goes like this: Wanted Yeshua – that’s his name in his own Aramaic language. He shall be stoned because he’s practiced sorcery and Lord Israel to apostasy. If anyone can say anything in his favor, let him declare it to the great Sanhedrin in Jerusalem.

Now the very statement that he’s practiced sorcery is simply a negative side of the miraculous. You see, miracle and sorcery are the same thing if you’re not talking cause. Miracle is caused with help from above, sorcery with help from below but here you have a hostile source that concedes that something supernatural is going on now. Ancient historians look for this kind of thing because it’s called the criterion of embarrassment. If something is conceded in an ancient source that goes against its trend, you know it’s true.

And then we have other interesting fallout for miracles. For example, Lazarus being raised from the dead. Now this took place in Bethany right? Well what’s interesting is that Bethany’s name was changed after the first century to Eleazar Aria “the place of Lazarus”. Now again that doesn’t categorically prove the raising of Lazarus but put it this way, if Lazarus were truly raised as the Gospels tell us, what wouldn’t you expect something like this to happen, changing the name of a locality because of the great event that took place there.