Jesus cannot do anything by himself

Let’s read John 5:19-31 I love this  passage because what Muslims like to do  and Jehovah’s Witnesses like to do is quote  the first part of verse 19 and stop. Then Jesus replied “I assure  you the son is not able to do anything  on his own” and they stop there. “You see, he can’t be God because he can’t do  anything on his own. God can do  everything.” But wait, let’s finish it. The son is not able to do anything on  his own but only what he sees the Father  doing. For whatever the Father does, the  son also does these things in the same  way. When we read the statement in  context, it affirms two basic truths. Number one. The son is not an independent  deity doing what he wants; he always does  the Father’s will to the Father’s  delight and pleasure. Number two. All he  can do is what the Father does, something  that no creature can ever say with a  sincere heart. Can you imagine any  creature saying “I can only do what God  does and whatever he does I can do in  the same way?” Does that sound like a creature? What does that sound like? That sounds like someone who believes he’s  fully God and has the same ability that  the Father has and yet he doesn’t act  independently from the Father. Neither  does the Holy Spirit.

For the Father loves the Son and shows  him everything he is doing and he was  shown greater works than these so that  you will be amazed. Just as the Father raises the dead and  gives them life, so the son also gives  life to anyone he wants. Does that sound  like a creature who thinks he’s impotent  or does this sound like a person who  thinks he can do whatever the Father  does such as give life. And he gives  it to whom He desires, whom he’s pleased  to give it to.

Although he says “I don’t do  anything on my own initiative; I can only  do what the Father does, is that a denial  of his duty or simply an affirmation of  the perfect union enjoyed by the Father  and the Son and the Holy Spirit?

Jesus says “As the Father  has life in himself, so he has granted  the son to have life in himself” and he  says in John 5:25 with  28 to 29  a time is coming where  those in their graves will hear his  voice in the context meaning the voice  of the Son of God and those who hear  will live come out of their graves. In John 52:5 and 28 to 29, Jesus says “a  time is coming and it is now here where  the dead will hear the voice of the Son  of God, those in the graves will hear his  voice and come out to live.” You’re  telling me that the Son, by just the  power of his voice, will raise all the  dead from their graves and yet this is  supposedly a denial of the perfect union  and the deity of the Father, Son, Holy  Spirit? Isn’t  it true that one of the names of Allah  is that he is the raiser of the dead and  the life giver? Yes, that’s one of his  names and attributes.