What do other religions say about Jesus?

They’re trying to have Jesus but not take any of his exclusive teachings. They want Jesus too. What do you think other religions think about Jesus? Other major religions, here’s what they say about Jesus. 

Islam believes Jesus is a sinless virgin-born, miracle-working prophet and wise teacher, who was not God. Did you know the Quran says that Jesus is virgin-born the Quran says Jesus did miracles, the Quran says Jesus is sinless? It doesn’t say any of those things about Muhammad and Jesus is actually going to come back and judge. Jesus is going to be the judge. Islam wants to have Jesus too; they just want to change him a little bit but they like Jesus. Jesus is a good guy according to them.

What do you think Hindus say about Jesus? Generally Hindus believe that Jesus was a holy man, a wise teacher and a god. You can say he’s a god because they got a billion gods, he’s another god.

How about Buddhists? He’s a holy man, an enlightened man and a wise teacher.

How about Baha’i? They affirm some of the Christian view of Jesus but Jesus is just one Prophet among many religions that progressively reveal the truth. They’re trying to have Jesus but not take any of his exclusive teachings. They want Jesus too.

Islam came after Jesus but Hinduism and Buddhism came before but now they’re trying to adopt some of Jesus. In other words, they think Jesus is good. They want a piece of Jesus. Everybody wants a piece of Jesus. Everybody wants Jesus on their side. Maybe because everybody can see there’s something very admirable about Jesus of Nazareth.

Is there any other world religion or I should say teacher of a world religion that every other world religion wants to have a piece of, that wants to somehow work into their system, even if it’s a distorted version? No. Here’s what Tim Keller, the brilliant Pastor, says “The founders of every other major religion said “I’m a prophet who shows you how to find God” but Jesus taught “I’m God come to find you.”