Where did Jesus Say I am God Worship Me?

In the Bible, did Jesus ever say “I am God. Worship me.” That’s a common objection that Muslims will bring to try to convince us that Jesus never claimed to be God because he’s not. The simple answer is “No, Jesus never came out and said in those exact words. I am God. Worship me.” However, if that’s the reason to reject the deity of Christ, that Christ is God in the flesh, then this argument proves too much. Because I like to ask the Muslim “Do you believe Jesus is the Christ?” They will say “yes”. The virgin born son of Mary? Of course. Is he the word of God sent out to Mary? They will have to say yes to all that because in the Quran in 4:171, it says that Jesus is the Christ, the son of Mary, the word of God and a spirit from him. My challenge to them is: Show me in your Quran where Jesus says “I’m the Christ”. Can’t find it? Show me where he says he’s the word of God sent down to Mary. Can’t find it? He never said it. Show me where he says he’s a spirit from God. You can’t find it. He never said it. So if I use your logic, you cannot believe Jesus is the Christ, the word of God, the spirit from him because he never said it. Which Muslim would accept that logic? So he doesn’t have to say. God said in the Quran. Thank you. In my scripture, God the Father himself bears witness that Jesus is God Almighty and the Lord of heaven and earth. So if you will still accept that Jesus is all these things even though Jesus didn’t say it, then why do you insist that I have to show you Jesus saying those things for you to accept it? Isn’t the testimony of God the Father good enough that Jesus is God Almighty, the creator of Heaven and Earth The Sovereign Lord of all creation and that’s found in Hebrews 1:8-12. So let’s be consistent.