Why go to church if it’s just full of hypocrites?

In today’s video we are going to answer  the question of why should I go to  church when it’s just so full of  hypocrites. To answer the question, we have to actually start  with a more foundational question and  that question is: What is hypocrisy?

Hypocrisy comes from a Greek word  that was associated with the stage, when  an actor would wear a mask and they  would play a part and pretend to be  someone they’re not. Technically the  definition of a hypocrite is someone who  is pretending to be something that  they’re not, establishing a standard that  they’re actually living in opposition to. However in today’s society and in the  church, oftentimes when we talk about  hypocrites, what we mean is someone who’s  just failing to live according to an established standard. If I say that I should not talk negatively  about people, gossip or slander, and then  I stumble or slip-up or I sin and I  talk negatively about somebody, someone  might call me a hypocrite. Failing to live according to a  projected standard is not hypocrisy. That  would be inconsistent, that would be  sinful, that might be wrong. Hypocrisy  is me stating that I never talk  negatively about somebody though I in  fact talk negatively about people all  the time. It is projecting an image that is fake  or fraudulent. Now that we’ve  established what hypocrisy is and what  it is not, we can return to the initial  statement that the church is full of  hypocrites and therefore I shouldn’t go.

If you’re actually attending a  church or you’ve been to a church that  is in fact full of just completely fake  people, they’re all pretending to be  something they’re not, then that is not a  healthy church. But typically what is the  case is that people like you and I run  into a church where there are just  broken individuals and there are people  who are striving do the right thing and  fail to the right thing, striving not to  talk negatively and fail to talk  positively and striving to live for  Jesus and sometimes sin and sometimes fail. That is why the gospel is so  important to true Christianity because  the gospel covers that sin. The gospel  actually transforms our hearts to become  more in step with what Jesus is called  to be. So the church is actually a  perfect place for all of these broken  individuals like yourself and myself. If you have maintained this position  that I refuse to go to church because  the church is just full of hypocrites,  what I would do is I would invite you to  be part of the solution to drive home  the importance of legitimacy in our walk  with Jesus and to be a conduit for  actually binding up those who are  struggling, sinful or broken.