Won’t good moral, ethical people go to heaven?

The question of whether good, moral,  ethical people will go to heaven has a  deceptively simple answer. Yes,  absolutely. Good, moral, ethical people  will go to heaven. That’s a  relief to most people because most  people consider themselves to be  basically good, moral and ethical. They  compare themselves to other people and  feel “I’m probably above average.” The  problem is that God doesn’t grade on a  curve, he grades each person according to  his perfect standard of holiness. The  good news is that good moral, ethical  people will go to heaven but the bad  news is that no human being, except Jesus,  has been truly good and truly moral and  truly ethical.

The Bible says in Romans 3:23  that we all fall short of God’s  standards. And we don’t even meet our own  standard of morality.  God’s standard is infinitely higher than  ours. The Bible says even the good things we  do are stained by mixed motives so that  creates a problem. Only perfect people  are allowed into heaven and the Bible  says none of us is perfect. But God wants  to spend eternity with us and so he  devised an amazing plan that can open  the doors of heaven for us. He sent His  only Son Jesus Christ to live the  perfect life and then to die on the  cross in our place to pay for all of the  wrongdoing we’ve ever done. The Bible  says his cloak of perfect righteousness  can be put on us with our sins forgiven. Then we can enter into heaven for all  of eternity. All of this the Bible says  is a gift, which you’re free to either  reject or to accept in humility, faith  and repentance, a gift you can accept right  now by saying a prayer in which you  confess your wrongdoing, turn from the  path you’ve been walking and receive  Jesus Christ’s free gift of forgiveness,  and then follow him all the days of your  life and into eternity.